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Spectacles glasses. Just added to our wish list |

Just Buy Spectacles. The Most Amazing Gift for Snapchat Addicts This Christmas

The buzz is here, and also the end of selfie sticks! Why, and how to get the Spectacles glasses? Start here.

The huge buzz is here. Finally you can buy a pair of Snapchat Spectacles for $130, and make your teen boy or girl the happiest on earth! The only thing between you and making this dream come true - is the limited-release strategy, that makes it really hard to get one fantastic pair of the future. 

Spectacles - funky video glasses you really want

So, if you still didn't heard a thing about those amazing glasses - just watch this, and catch up. Yeap, You don't need to hold a selfie stick anymore. Just snap your point of view and "make memories"! It's defiantly similar to the vision appeared in Black Mirror.



Where to buy Spectacles glasses

OK, so maybe you want it as a gift for yourself. Can't blame you. Let's get practical on how to get those and be the first among your friends. The first option is just follow the Snapbot. It's a creative vending machine that now sells it around the country - strated in CA (Briliant marketing idea, especially in the ecommerce era). You can try this website that update the next location of the Snapbot.

If  you too busy to travel around searching this Snapbot you can try Ebay. Many sellers already offer Spectacles glasses, but the price of course is much higher... It's clear that in a few months it will be available to buy online, but if you want to get it for Christmas - it's better hop on your car. 

Spectacles glasses. Just added to our wish list |

The best gift ever

We are sure you get the potential of this kind of gift idea. If you don't, just read this review on TechCrunch, of a real teen boy that checked it. It's innovative, most trendy, and every Snapchat addict will admire you once you'll get them. After giving this kind a gift you don't need to bring anything else in the next 2 years at least, and can skip the greeting card. But, if you do get it - we just recommend to buy 2. Also one pair for yourself. It's better than the feeling of regret.