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Nintendo Switch

For Honor, Nintendo Switch and LEGO Batman Movie: The Hottest gift ideas for gamers

Winter is the best time for gaming! With a few HOT releases, we found for you the perfect gift for them. And... Click!

When you are not a geek yourself, and the games you play is, more or less, Candy crush, you must have an inside information - that helps you buy the right gift for your cool gamer friend. Easy to say right? Well, that's the idea of this short post. To let you know which gifts to buy and become the best gift giver. Ever. 

For Honor - long anticipation and the right timing for Valentine's Day

Two of my friends can't stop thinking about For Honor since June '16, when they first watch this story trailer. Can't really blame them. With super amazing grphics and exciting gameplays you can find on youtube, you just sign up for the beta, and make sure you don't have plans for this upcoming Valentine's Day. Yes, the relase date is on Febirary 14. They need to choose between the game and their girlfriend. Bad idea. So, if your boyfriend spoke at least 10 times about For Honor in the last few months - this is the gift that he really wants.


So, you can find a few versions of the game - for PS4, Xbox one or PC. You can buy it here.

For Honor - Surprise him with this gift

Nintendo Switch - Never stop playing with this gift

This product is a must, if they play all the time and everywhere. Their everyday habit will become much more easier and smoother with Nintendo Switch. What does it mean - you ask yourself - just click play and watch this video.

In other words - a minute after they open this gift, you can actually forget about them. They will be too busy for you. So think really good before you buy this amazing console. BTW, the big advantage of this gift, is that they can play now in the toilet, and you can have the TV for yourself... Ha ha ha... Launching on March 3 2017, and you can already pre order this Nintendo Switch. It's always more exciting to be first. 

Nintendo Switch - Play around the clock gift

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Lego Batman Movie - New movie and merchandise

For the younger friends - you can find great gift ideas and line of products of the new Lego Batman movie. Again, Batman saves the city (Gotham) from the Joker's hostile takeover. The initial release is on February 9, 2017, and then you can choose between going to the movie with lots of popcorn, or get a new Lego game. Or both! You're a great parents right? :)

Let's start with the movie, and it's cool trailer. Show them. If they will show enough excitement, you can keep scrolling and finds great games for a gift.

You like it, ha? Check out this list of great gifts they'll love, and also dig more in the official website of the movie, which is also fun.

Lego Batman Movie - Gift for funs

That's it for now. If you have interesting gift ideas or any thoughts, drop us a word:

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