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Fred & Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass

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Doomed day is here! 

Another great gift idea by the the quirky   Fred & Friends

This Skull shot glass is a tribute to the Skull of Doom, which Mayan legend claims has the power of life and death, but most importantly, the power to transmit delicious alcohol to your mouth. Also, apparently, the power to ruin great franchises.

This great shot glass would not look out of place on a great Indiana Jones movie and they truly are a scary ghastly work of art. The glass has a inner glass skin which holds the fluid, and when your favourite pleasure is poured into the glass it takes centre stage as the image of the skull is illuminates into a scary skulls head. As with every product that Fred designs the outer packaging is as exciting as the actual product and they never fail in the looks department.

The Doomed shot glass makes the ultimate gift idea for any special occasion, including the Halloween party when they are served up with some freaky coloured cool sours. 

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